Opioids and Physical Therapy

In the Wake of the Opioid Crisis, Physical Therapy a Safer Bet in Alleviating Pain

Opioids and Physical TherapyPain seems to be intrinsically woven into the fabric of the human experience, with the majority of us experiencing considerable pain at some point in our lives. The pain could have been caused by an accident or injury, or as a result of a disease or illness. Whichever way the pain comes, knowing what to do to manage it cannot be overstated.

It is this very thing that has brought about the opioid crisis, as more people succumb to opioid addiction. For many people, opioids are an easy way to get relief from their pain, but a good number of them become addicted to these drugs, increasingly using them as a fix to their growing addition. Given the risks, it goes without saying that physical therapy is a better solution to alleviate pain than using opioids.

In addition to identifying the underlying cause of a patient’s pain, physical therapy helps them correct the problem. Before opting for opioids, Vivek Murthy, MD, a respected former U.S. Surgeon General recommends that people consider other non-opioid solutions like physical therapy.

The over-prescription and growing overuse of opioids are as a result of a number of factors, including considerable misinformation from the pharmaceutical industry to doctors regarding just how beneficial these medications are as well as the potential risks involved. Typically, opioids should only be used to alleviate intense, short-term pain. For chronic pain, the effectiveness of these medications decreases over time.

To minimize interruptions of their daily routines, many people choose pain medications. This is especially widespread as people deal with common ailments like lower back pain. However, choosing to find the cause and treat the source of your pain will save you a lifetime of pain and give you an opportunity to live your life the way you choose.

In addition to being a safer alternative to pain treatment than opioid medication, physical therapy is also cost-effective over time. Instead of the short-lived pain relief that opioids offer, physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma will seek to offer you a more permanent solution. They will work with you to come up with a personalized treatment plan designed to rid your life of pain. Contact our certified physical therapists today and start a journey towards eliminating pain from your body without opioids.