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Post Operative Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Post operative physical therapy rehabilitationAn important aspect of physical therapy is the restoration of normal and everyday body function after an injury, surgery or just normal day to day wear and tear. Physical therapists also like to provide education for injury prevention. After surgery your body tissues, muscles and bones need time to heal.

After surgery, many people experience reduced flexibility and functionality in their body because of their limited mobility when they were recovering from surgery. To avoid this reduced flexibility and limitations to normal activity,  post-operative physical therapy is a beneficial and successful treatment plan for post surgery recovery.

Our trained physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy will develop a personalized physical therapy plan for you that will enable you to regain your flexibility and body functionality that will increase the ability to perform normal daily activities pain free.

Adhering to the recommendations and exercises given by the trained physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy will make your recovery faster and effective. The benefits of physical therapy offered at Fusion Physical Therapy include:

  • Restoration of strength
  • Reduction of pain
  • Quick recovery
  • Regain range of motion
  • Minimal scar tissue
  • Return to full function of daily activities

How we Help You

Post operative rehabilitation therapy will help speed up the recovery and healing process no matter what type of operation you underwent.  The certified physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy will partner with you to develop a customized treatment program for a successful and quicker healing and recovery process. In order to regain range of motion and strength and to prevent re-injury during a patient’s recovery process, the treatment plans might include:

  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Muscle Strengthening Exercises
  • Posture Training
  • Ice and Heat Treatments
  • Manual Therapy Techniques
  • Home Exercises

Our therapists will also educate you on ways to prevent injury. Book an appointment with us today to get back to your normal routine activities!

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