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Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Benefits for Back Pain

Back Pain and Physical Therapy
If you’ve ever had back pain, then you’re not alone. Nearly
80 percent of adults experience back pain at some stage in their lives. 

Back pain is one of the leading causes of work disability and ranks at the top among the common reasons people miss work. Sadly, most people resolve back pain with opioid painkillers instead of focusing on noninvasive treatments like physical therapy. 

Unlike the use of pain relievers, alternative therapies not only help patients avoid opioid addiction, but they will also reduce the chances of needing surgery for chronic back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

Several factors, including the following, cause back pain:

  • Medical conditions like arthritis
  • Cancer of the spine
  • Inflamed or ruptured discs
  • Ligament Strain
  • Lack of exercise
  • Scoliosis: Abnormal alignment or curvature of the spine
  • Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Muscle tension
  • Over-stretching
  • Etc.

What are the Symptoms of Back Pain?

The most common symptom of back pain is feeling stabbing pain and ache across the back. You might also feel muscle aches and tingling extending to your legs and buttocks.

If you have acute pain, the best thing is to work out your back and rest for a few days. However, chronic back pain can sometimes be excruciating, lasting for at least 12 weeks. You might even develop other symptoms like weight loss, numbness, and pain going below your knees, fever, and weakness. 

If you start experiencing the above, then it’s time to seek professional help.

How We Can Help

At Fusion Physical Therapy, we have an unwavering commitment to supporting patients to regain their pain-free lives. We have certified physical therapists that will walk with you every step of the way while customizing the right treatment plan for you: whether it’s a hands-on-massage technique, personalized back strengthening exercises, dry needling, or cupping. 

If you’re suffering from back pain, don’t hesitate to contact us here and book an appointment with our back pain specialist.


Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Back pain affects people from all walks of life and remains one of the most common reasons for seeking prescription pain medications. But many patients have found out they didn’t need to resort to medications by going first to physical therapy clinics such as Fusion Physical Therapy, for treatment. Not only do patients avoid getting addicted to certain pain meds, but they also eliminate the need for surgery for chronic pain conditions.

At Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma, certified physical therapists will treat your back pain with customized treatment practices so you can go back to your daily routines in just a few weeks.

Symptoms of serious back pain

  • Stabbing pain across the back
  • Stiffness, muscle aches, and/or spasms around the lower back area
  • Numbness, tingling, or pain that often extends to the legs
  • Pain around the back when lifting light to heavy objects
  • Pain around the back just by standing or walking

Chronic pain can be disruptive to your life since it can be excruciating, lasting from six weeks to over three months. You can relieve pain with prescribed pain medications – but only temporarily.

If you are experiencing unrelenting severe pain, there may be a bigger problem that needs more serious attention from a specialist. Consider visiting your doctor immediately if you are experiencing a significant loss of weight, fever, difficulty walking, or bladder problems.

Causes of back pain

Back pain is caused by structural changes in the body as a result of:

  • Arthritis (osteoarthritis, the most common cause of back pain)
  • Porous and brittle vertebrae (Osteopenia/Osteoporosis)
  • Abnormal curvature or alignment of the spine (Scoliosis)
  • Ruptured or inflamed discs
  • Repetitive lifting and twisting that strains muscles
  • Local inflammation that stresses nerve roots
  • Ligament Strain
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excessive weight
  • Smoking
  • Age

We can help you

Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma has an unwavering commitment to helping patients regain functional, pain-free lives.

Qualified physical therapists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that may include manual treatments like cupping, hands-on massage techniques, instrument-assisted massage techniques, dry needling, and personalized back strengthening exercise programs you can do at home.

Let Fusion Physical Therapy help get you “back in the game”. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a back pain specialist. You’ll be glad you did.

Spine Therapy

Spine TherapyBack pains can be very devastating and uncomfortable which make the victim look desperately for relief. Spinal Therapy is designed to reduce inflammation, boost nerve function, and relieve some pressure built in the joints for those suffering from spine-related issues. It has been used by our spine and physical therapists to treat pains associated with neck, shoulder, headache, and back. You can also get the relief by visiting us at Fusion Physical Therapy.

Unlike other physical therapists who give a general routine, our therapists usually create a personalized plan that aims at giving you relief to your back. They have hands-on skills which they use in coming up with the right treatment plan and exercises for you. But what are the common methods used in spine therapy?

What Spine Therapy Involves

Our trained physical therapists deploy force and twisting; spinal manipulation, and spinal mobilization, ice and heat therapy, traction devices, electric stimulation, and ultrasound. In spinal manipulation, they use hands and apply some controlled but sudden force to the specific spinal joint. In spinal mobilization, they use forceful stretching and thrusts. They may use an activator which applies thrusts more forcefully.

How Safe is Spine Therapy?

Spinal mobilization and manipulation have proved to be effective for most patients. Nevertheless, you need to have qualified spine specialists to perform spine therapy effectively and safely. This is where coming to Fusion Physical Therapy is important because our physical therapists are trained and committed to the safety of your health.

If spine therapy is done by non-qualified personnel, it may result in compressed nerves, stroke, and herniated disks. The good news is that we have the specialists you need for your well being. However, there are some people who should not have spine therapy like the ones suffering from:

  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Spinal cancer
  • Stroke
  • Unstable spine
  • Weak limbs
  • Numbness in their arms and legs
  • Tingling in their limbs

What We Can Do

Before our physical therapists prescribe any kind of treatment and exercise, they carry out a thorough examination to determine the specific cause of your back pain. They must be aware of your health history before starting the spine therapy. You can schedule an appointment with us today and experience the relaxation you need.