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Spine Therapy

Spine TherapyBack pains can be very devastating and uncomfortable which make the victim look desperately for relief. Spinal Therapy is designed to reduce inflammation, boost nerve function, and relieve some pressure built in the joints for those suffering from spine-related issues. It has been used by our spine and physical therapists to treat pains associated with neck, shoulder, headache, and back. You can also get the relief by visiting us at Fusion Physical Therapy.

Unlike other physical therapists who give a general routine, our therapists usually create a personalized plan that aims at giving you relief to your back. They have hands-on skills which they use in coming up with the right treatment plan and exercises for you. But what are the common methods used in spine therapy?

What Spine Therapy Involves

Our trained physical therapists deploy force and twisting; spinal manipulation, and spinal mobilization, ice and heat therapy, traction devices, electric stimulation, and ultrasound. In spinal manipulation, they use hands and apply some controlled but sudden force to the specific spinal joint. In spinal mobilization, they use forceful stretching and thrusts. They may use an activator which applies thrusts more forcefully.

How Safe is Spine Therapy?

Spinal mobilization and manipulation have proved to be effective for most patients. Nevertheless, you need to have qualified spine specialists to perform spine therapy effectively and safely. This is where coming to Fusion Physical Therapy is important because our physical therapists are trained and committed to the safety of your health.

If spine therapy is done by non-qualified personnel, it may result in compressed nerves, stroke, and herniated disks. The good news is that we have the specialists you need for your well being. However, there are some people who should not have spine therapy like the ones suffering from:

  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Spinal cancer
  • Stroke
  • Unstable spine
  • Weak limbs
  • Numbness in their arms and legs
  • Tingling in their limbs

What We Can Do

Before our physical therapists prescribe any kind of treatment and exercise, they carry out a thorough examination to determine the specific cause of your back pain. They must be aware of your health history before starting the spine therapy. You can schedule an appointment with us today and experience the relaxation you need.