Achilles Tendon

Taking Care of Your Achilles Tendon

Achilles TendonThe Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body and, for the majority of people, the one that is  most likely to rupture. It weaves itself through the body from the calf muscles to the heel bones. Given how far it stretches, it is not surprising that it is often injured. While most injuries to this tendon are mild, approximately 30,000 people across the U.S. experience severe injuries to this tendon where it is torn, and sometimes even ruptured. Those most at risk of these severe injuries to their Achilles tendon are people aged between 30 and 49.

There is an array of treatments available for people who’ve injured their Achilles tendon, but one of the most preferable treatments is physical therapy. The physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma, are highly trained and experienced in creating customized therapy plans to treat Achilles Tendon injuries.

A therapy plan at Fusion Physical Therapy might include:

  • Heat therapy using heating pads, moist hot packs, or paraffin – designed to improve blood flow and cause the muscles to relax for more effective healing
  • Cold therapy using ice massages and cold packs – designed to decrease blood flow to help decrease swelling and pain
  • Strengthening exercises to bring back the lost strength following the tendon injury
  • Stretching exercises designed to bring long term healing
  • Deep massage designed to improve blood circulation and prevent injuries to the Achilles tendon in the future

For severe injuries to the Achilles tendon, you may require surgery and subsequent physical therapy. Our physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma will collaborate with your doctor towards creating a customized physical therapy plan that will improve your mobility.

Some of the physical therapy treatment options that might be available to you three weeks after surgery include:

  • PRICE (Protection-Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) – aimed at controlling inflammation as healing takes place
  • TrP-DN (Trigger Point Dry Needling) – aimed at alleviating tenderness and soreness that typically affect trigger points
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Manual therapy

Contact us today at Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma and let our certified physical therapists create a practical solution for the injury you have sustained to your Achilles tendon.