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Trigger Point Dry Needling in Physical Therapy

Trigger Point Dry NeedlingTrigger Point Dry Needling (TrP-DN), a specialized technique that is creating a buzz in the physical therapy world, is a very effective treatment which reduces soreness and tenderness associated with trigger points. Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in a muscle. Our physical therapists at Fusion Physical Therapy are trained to effectively treat patients with face, neck, lower back, shoulders, arms, feet and hands utilizing TrP-DN.

What is Dry Needling?

TrP-DN desensitizes and deactivates trigger points in an invasive manner by using an acupuncture needle. In order to manually cause a local twitching response in the muscles, a small, disposable yet sterile solid filament needle is repeatedly inserted into the myofascial trigger point.

Why an Acupuncture Needle?

The needle passes through the skin and therefore a less invasive needle should be used. Since an acupuncture needle is solid and very fine then it doesn’t hurt like o a hollow injection needle does.

What are the benefits of Dry Needling?

  1. Improved blood flow
  2. Releasing of tight muscles
  3. Provides a longer lasting pain relief
  4. Elimination of tension
  5. Immediate relief of symptoms
  6. Increased healing time
  7. Aids in creating pain free range of motion
  8. Reduced pain and healing of:
    1. Chronic Muscles
    2. Tendon and Joint Injuries
  9. Helps with getting you back to exercising and enjoying daily activities

Who benefits from Dry Needling?

Those individuals with sports injuries, chronic pain or overuse injuries will benefit the most from trigger point dry needling.

What conditions are treated by using Dry Needling?

  1. Frozen shoulder, shoulder and arm pain
  2. Headaches and neck pain
  3. TMJ pain
  4. Low back, hip, buttock, quadriceps and hamstring pain
  5. Plantar Fasciitis

How long will each session take?

The amount of time for each session really depends on the size of the treatable area. However, a typical session should last about 30 minutes. There is a strong possibility you may need up to six sessions however results will be experienced in as little as one treatment.

How will I know if Dry Needling is working?

After one treatment your muscle will feel tired and sore as if you had just completed a great workout or too much activity. This might last for one to two days however the pain should be reduced and you should be able to perform your daily activities. The chronic injury should start to improve and a continued reduction in pain should happen after a day or so.

At Fusion Physical Therapy our trained and skilled physical therapists main goal is to help you get back to a pain free range of motion whether that is with trigger point dry needling or various other techniques.

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