Sports Therapy

What Sports Therapy Does for You

Sports TherapyFor sports professionals, sports therapy is extremely critical. In addition to helping prevent injuries, it rehabilitates the injuries of  sports professionals towards the highest attainable levels of fitness. To accomplish this, physical therapists use a combination of techniques, including principles of both exercise and sports.

At Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma, physical therapists leverage certain pathological and physiological processes to restore the sporting abilities of the individual player to their pre-injury levels.

Sports therapy treatment at Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma typically includes the following:

  • Assessing the level of fitness of the sports professional
  • Testing and evaluating the condition of his/her joints to determine if there’s any pain, how easy it is to move them, and whether there are any signs dysfunction
  • Preparing the sports professional physically and mentally before a competition
  • Rehabilitating injuries using electrotherapy, specialized apparatus, and a myriad of manual therapy techniques
  • Providing emergency medical aid
  • Preparing and implementing comprehensive rehabilitation regimes
  • Referrals to specialists for further advice and advanced interventions

Benefits of sports therapy to sports professionals

  • It prevents the delayed onset of muscle soreness by facilitating lymph and blood flow through the body. This prevents muscle the onset of muscle fatigue.
  • It helps manage pain and stress by inducing the body of the sports professional to release endorphins, the stress-busting neurotransmitters that provide pain relief, reduce anxiety, and improve the person’s mood.
  • It has psychological benefits – it helps them relax, ensuring that they can move easily with minimal tension in their muscles. In addition to improving their overall wellbeing, this places them in a better mental state.

Sports professionals like football players and athletes, as well as other active residents of Oklahoma, should seriously consider sports therapy. Those who would want to undergo this treatment plan or are interested in learning more will be excited to learn that they have access to physical therapists with tremendous experience in sports therapy at Fusion Physical Therapy in Lawton, Oklahoma. The highly trained physical therapists will work closely with you to create a customized sports therapy treatment plan for you. Contact us now and book an appointment.